About Us

Sustain Value offers specialist, cost-effective advice on valuing and managing natural and social capital issues, built from 25 years experience advising governments and businesses.

Established in 2011, we are a small independent company providing natural capital and social capital related consulting services, in particular for the private sector.  
James Spurgeon, an environmental economist, leads all our projects.  James has 25 years experience advising organisations around the world on natural and social capital issues.  He has been at the forefront of the topic authoring a variety of related business guides (including being a lead author and technical advisor of the Natural Capital Protocol).  Working with Antofagasta, he also created ESE-ROVA, a flexible cost-effective natural and social capital accounting tool available for any business to use and adapt for their own purposes.
Sustain Value operates using an extensive network of associates, who provide supporting specialist expertise as and when required.  In addition, we use a number of graduate consultants that also help out on a project by project basis. 
Sustain Value is looking to recruit and add to its network of experts - click here for more details. 
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Having undertaken this type of work globally for over 20 years, we have broad project experience in many sectors, many countries and in many different habitats around the world.